Open University – Second Chance Saloon?

At the ripe age of 23, looking at the daunting prospect of turning 24 early next year there was no time like the present to finally try again (yes again) and get my degree. I previously attempted this whole university thing like most others, fresh faced and 18, I embarked on a ‘Soccer Scholarship’ to the desert that is Arizona (USA). As I look back on the incredible journey I took, I for a start was far too young and indecisive on what I wanted to do and way less motivated. After returning and finding myself any apprenticeship going to continue my education. After numerous NVQs and BTECs I finally thought it was time to bite the bullet again and chase the holy scroll

Much like many at the OU (I imagine) I chose the Open University as I wanted to continue my career. The idea of being able to study when and where I like, and being able to work in a flexible manner was somewhat appealing to me albeit if my motivation levels can maintain! It is incredible what the OU is offering people in diverse situations. The OU allows for individuals to become a part of something and really reach their potentials.

Onto more recent topics…The module websites opening this week! The reality of everything kicking off is so exciting… yet unbelievably nerving. I am sure I am not the only one who is not sure where to look and what to do first… so I have chosen to study all of the forums for my modules, see if there is anyone going through the same panic I am… fortunately there are plenty! This is coupled with the slow intake of all the module books and guides arriving (I am enrolled on B123, B100 and LB160 hoping to complete a Business Management degree) so I have quickly filled my bookshelf. From what I have read the best way to start is to just note everything down and try and get as organised as you can, so you have no surprises.

Here is to the next few weeks of planning assignment deadlines (as far as we know, not sure if they change?) and when I can afford to have a break!

Good luck to everyone starting out, bring on the 1st of October!

First written by Sam Boultwood for the @YoungOUStudents blog.


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