OU: ‘Feeling Fresh(er)’

Back at this writing thing again! It’s the final week before it all begins; however, the nerves are surpassing the excitement now… I imagine, much like myself, everyone has received their tutors for their respective modules and as before, setting up a support network whether that be through Facebook or WhatsApp groups!

It can be very frightening putting yourself out there and trying to make friends, especially when you’re essentially isolated and it’s all virtual… a lot harder than a conventional university where you have organised events/halls which force you to be social. A tip from myself (not that I am an expert) but don’t be afraid to contact people via Facebook/Twitter, everyone is in the same boat as you… and if they’re not a newbie at the OU they know what you’re currently experiencing and everyone I have spoken to is more than happy to lend a hand or give advice.

As I write, I am getting my priorities in order as studying 3 modules at once involves a lot of organisation. From my conversations with other students and OU veterans being organised is half the battle! So if you find yourself forgetting key dates, or work that needs to be submitted make sure you use your wall calendar or grab yourself a personal diary/work diary.

Good luck to everyone on October 1st!

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