OU: And They’re Off!

Hey everyone! Third instalment into the OU Chronical! So we’re officially underway, I hope you’re not feeling to overwhelmed with the pressure of ensuring you complete everything on time. It has been a bit of a mad week for myself, I did my best to make sure I got a tiny head start (as far as I could before TGFs opened) so that when everything kicked off I was able to concentrate on the readings and not panic myself too soon… (not sure if that worked?)

Week 1, if you’re like myself you were lucky enough to have introduction activities which is a nice way of easing into using the Student Portal. This will also help you identify potential “study friends” (it’s hard not to say that without the Inbetweeners coming to mind) and get a general feel for Student home and the areas you’ll need more than others!

This week I attended my first tutorial for LB160, I have to say that the lecturer made it such a pleasant experience, as I am sure much like myself, this is also quite a nerve wracking experience for you all with there being times that I am doubting what I know and if I even understood the question! If you haven’t yet attended a tutorial, ensure that you download the Blackboard tool (give yourself some allowance for the download time and a general mooch around to understand the different aspects of it).

There may be a lot of reading expected of you over the next few weeks, so ensure that you don’t put too much on your plate at once. Read in chunks and spend time wisely for example read some material on the train or bus. Try to highlight key areas of the text so when you’re going back through your notes and readings for your TMA’s everything is identifiable, I have also been making notes in the margins just to help myself that little bit more.

Happy reading, good luck!



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