OU: TMA (Too Many Assignments?)

Hey all!!

So, we thought we had a nice slow start to our OU lives… now all hell is breaking loose! I hope everyone is still working hard and getting on with their readings (I am already finding that highlighting parts is a Major Key 🔑)

The past few weeks I have submitted my first TMA and after having one celebratory tweet I am onto the next one, no rest for the wicked eh? Having someone who has been through University with me, highlighted the immediate danger of “Make sure you know how to submit electronically, and that there are no technical issues when submitting…” AKA don’t leave it too late and then miss the submission by a matter of minutes and start off on a bad note! So if you haven’t already submitted a TMA quickly go and familiarise yourself with the process (read all of the T&C’s) and when it comes to the first submission make sure you’re not trying to submit at 11:58 when your paper is due at 11:59 latest – technology can be cruel!

When starting my first paper there was a lot of panic about how to lay it out, what do I have to include, do I include the TMA questions and many other details! As I have mentioned previously have a quick scan of the forums, Facebook groups or your support network and pose the question as everyone will be thinking the same thing and there is something quite calming in knowing you’re all in it together. That being said, if you really need to know, majority of the tutors are more than happy to clarify things for you so don’t be afraid to ping them an email or a text.

Now that we have been going for over a month… I am sure you’re finding yourself settling into a routine and more familiar with the process and how long things really take. Maintaining this routine is important, as it is very easy to sway from it which could kill any motivation and getting behind is not something you want with the C word coming up (Yes Christmas… I know it’s only October… but it will be here before you know it – cue the adverts) This may be a good time to have a quick scan of what you have coming up over the next few months you can be prepared properly, as nobody wants to be reading text while eating their Christmas dinner do they! Being prepared will help you stay ahead of the curve and enjoy some well-deserved time off.

Good luck and keep studying!



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