The Middle


As I write this, we are in the middle of the odd days between Christmas and New Year, most people take this off work and make sure they have a nice long holiday! For me this isn’t the case, I am working up until the New Year.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, mine was very different this year as I would usually be at my parents eating my bodyweight in chocolate and giving myself some well-earned gaming time. This year was the first Christmas for my girlfriend and I (after meeting just after Christmas the year before) so we spilt the Christmas festivities between both of our families.

It’s very strange how every family has their own little Christmas routine and I can guarantee no one’s will be the same. For my parents it usually involves turning off, eating way too much and watching the re-runs of our favourite shows. This usually starts when we are all off on Christmas Eve, however! I was introduced to something new this year, Christmas Eve Mass. This is still quite a new experience to me, having messed up at a communion before I get quite nervous going to church. But it is so fascinating and I cannot tell you how funny the nativity was (not sure it was the intention… but)

After all the fun had at mass and narrowly avoiding having to sing in the choir, Christmas day was spent at my parents. Going back home is always fun because growing up with a dog and then not having one leaves you with a bit of a puppy void (although we had an additional, my brothers way too excitable puppy) I am not sure what it is about Christmas but I did barely anything that day and have never felt so tired! Eating too much is the only explanation.

Boxing Day, I experienced another Christmas first and ventured out of my parents’ house to the girlfriends. This was Christmas 2.0, but not a normal Boxing Day for me. Boxing Day is usually a day for football in my household but this wasn’t the case instead we played round and round of quizzes which was so fun (and got quite competitive)

Now I am in the middle days, waiting for the New Year celebrations to begin and thinking about the upcoming year. The year 2017 could quite potentially be significantly important to me, I could be facing a career change, finishing my first year of university and other more personal milestones.

I hope everyone enjoyed their break,

Have an awesome New Year


The middle days only reminds me of one song… roll back the youth days.


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