New Year and Resolutions for 2017!

Happy New Year! (A little bit late I know… sorry 😅)

Following on from a lovely Christmas I was lucky enough to spend my New Years Eve, after I had finished working 😒, meeting new people and spending it with a handful of the new friends I have made this year. The destination was Cambridge’s countryside, I am sure that’s fair to say in one of my friends beautiful cottages, whose birthday is also Jan 1st  so it was a double celebration!

So to use the cliché “New Year, New Me” is based around having resolutions to kick bad habits or make positive decisions for themselves. I know this post is quite late, but I’ve been thinking about my NY resolutions quite thoroughly and trying to implement things that will have a genuine positive impact on my life.

I think I’ve come up with a few main New Years resolutions that are more than achievable and can impact me and my life in a positive way.

SHARE CONTENT – The first is not to be afraid to share the content I create whether this is videos, blog posts or pictures. I usually create things and then get nervous about releasing them and then never do, so from here on out when I make something I will definitely share with you guys! (Already have a few things in mind, again its just being confident enough to do it)

EAT MORE HEALTHILY – This is probably a common one amongst everyone, but I am quite a fussy eater and tend to stick to the things I know I like. For my health, I really need to try and change my eating habits.

BETTER SPENDING HABBITS  –  This is probably another thing that most people would like to achieve. I now have the motivation to do this and stop buying things that aren’t really needed (in most cases this is food, instead of getting takeout make the most of what we have) This will benefit me in so so many ways, but hopefully that’s a post to come later in the year 😉🙃

BE MORE ACTIVE –  So, from playing football on a minimum 3 times a week and attending the gym regularly (My gym buddy would probably dispute this) I am now not really doing much exercise. Exercise to me is a great mental relief from the real world, I recently played a game around Christmas and only just recovered which is another reason, I didn’t think my fitness would vanish this quickly!!

Hopefully I can keep up to these, I would love to hear what your guys New Year’s Resolutions are… if you want to reach out to me my twitter is

May 2017 be your best year yet!




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