MIA (Missing in Assignments)

Hey guys!

How is everyone!?

It’s been weeks since my last post (I’m sorry 😅) I have had a manic few weeks with travelling with work and panic writing TMA’s. I did manage to get a post out just after New Years (can be found at samboultwood.wordpress.com) if you haven’t seen it already!

Again, I hope everyone had a great break, I know I said I was going to try and get a head start over Christmas but unfortunately had to work a large portion of the holiday and ended up in my spare time relaxing (which I think I needed) and eating way too much.

This meant my first few weeks back I was catching up on lessons and writing a couple of TMA’s… Feeling very sluggish with my university motivation at the moment and it has taken me some time to really get back into the swing of things. I don’t really think I am back yet but I am getting things done when they need to be… just 😬! Taking three modules all at once has definitely been a challenge, but I am so glad I did… Currently counting down the last few TMA’s  before I can officially be done with year 1 which is more than I can say about my last University adventure (I may spill the beans one day…)

Of course, first things first! We need to pick our modules for year 2, if you’re new to the OU and thinking about your freshman year modules, I would 100% suggest taking 120 credits at once ONLY if you can spend the extra time to your studies. It hasn’t been the easiest task and there have been a lot of stressful moments but thinking that if I continue to work hard I will have a degree in just over 2 years has really pushed me to knuckle down…

For everyone who started with me towards the back end of 2016 (can’t believe its 2017!), we are so close to finishing the academic year! EMA’s are now appearing on StudentHome and is making me excited for the prospect of some time off… and hopefully some sun? 🏖



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