Views from the O2

What a way to start 2017, Drake’s opening night at the O2.

This is very different from the music I have been to see live previously, so wasn’t really sure what to expect. Previously I have been to see bands such as New Found Glory, Blink-182, Paramore and so on… so a rapper I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

Before I go on, I had no doubts that this would be a show I would remember for the rest of my life… purely because the guy has SO MANY HITS.

Tickets selling out within minutes, it wasn’t looking good for me and my friend on being able to get to the event. Fortunately, someone who was a friend of a friend on Facebook couldn’t attend so I pounced at the chance to take them off his hands… Although it all of-course worked out well, a part of me was quite nervous sending money to a complete stranger and not receiving any tickets until a week before the event… but I like to still think there are some decent people out there!

Once we had the date confirmed, I was always going to book the next day off as recovery (conveniently had a lot of uni work to catch up on as well). The venue was the O2, which for me is such a small trip (and I fully intend on making the most of it while I am here) it was a case of getting through work and meeting my friend at the station…

Opening for Drake was Young Thug… now I am not going to lie, the extent of my knowledge on Young Thug is limited. However, he did play the one song I know of his ‘Lifestyle’ apart from that I was pretty lost 😂😂 so it was a perfect time for a few drinks and a comfort break. 🍻

The one thing me and my friend agreed, we would not have our phones out the entire time (like most people do) but we did promise to send a few snapchats to our friend who’s living in Sweden and unfortunately couldn’t make it for obvious reasons.

Hoping to hear a number of songs, he opened with Still Here with fireworks and fire showing that he really meant business. My assumption was we’d probably get a maximum 10 songs from him as he came on stage around 21:15… how wrong I was… 23:30 and my voice was gone.

Covering songs from every and any release he’s had – including the Meek Mill send ‘Back to Back’ which I am sure makes Meek even saltier.  You may be thinking, Drake was on stage on his own for that long!? Absolutely not, cue Section Boyz and Giggs. Much like Young Thug, my knowledge on Section Boyz is limited to what I hear in the football dressing room but they bought a whole load of energy to the stage. Giggs, I am more familiar with based on his hit from when I was at school ‘Talkin’ da Hardest’ which he unfortunately didn’t perform. But you have to give a huge amount of credit to Drake to embracing the UK grime scene and potentially giving those artists a once in a lifetime experience at a packed out O2.

Even though I was upset that Skepta didn’t make an appearance… but it would have been hard to fit him into this PACKED set list…

  • Still Here
  • Started From the Bottom
  • Headlines
  • Trophies
  • HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)
  • 0 to 100
  • Keep the Family Close
  • 9
  • Childs Play
  • Feel No Ways
  • I Got All the Hits Medley (6 God / Worst Behavior / We Made It / Blessings / All Me / No Lie / Versace / Pop That / Over / I’m)
  • Successful
  • Marvins Room
  • Faithful
  • Hotline Bling
  • Hold On, We’re Going Home
  • The Motto
  • Right Hand
  • For Free (DJ Khaled cover)
  • My Way (Remix) (Fetty Wap cover)
  • Back To Back
  • Jumpman (Drake & Future cover)
  • Work (Rihanna cover)
  • Take Care (Snippet)
  • Too Good
  • Controlla
  • One Dance
  • Intermission (New Song from More Life)
  • Pop Style
  • Know Yourself
  • Energy
  • Fake Love
  • Legend

Ending on something I really didn’t expect, the talking point of the world and the hate that is currently building. Drake said something to remember before he left the stage:

“Do you know what my favourite thing about tonight is? The world is going through so much hate and confusion right now. But take a look around. There are people from all places and all races here tonight. I want you to keep loving each other and take that concept and apply it when you leave these doors.”

I think its fair to say we love Drake just as much as he loves London

💙 Sam

Small spoiler, please excuse my voice! 😝🕺🏼







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