Catch up

It has again been way too long since I’ve sat down and typed up all the blog notes that I make, I can only apologise on my rubbish-ness.

For those of you who are still about, thank you! It’s been a CRAZY start to 2017!

Let’s start with school, I am two EMA’s down and one TMA and EMA to write. (For those who are non OU students, an EMA is like an end of module exam or a mini dissertation on everything you’ve studied that year). In classic Sam fashion, I have been procrastinating and focusing on my other projects and been leaving university work until it HAS to be done. Fortunately, this is paying off for me at the moment, which makes me think I work best under pressure? (We can hope) As I mentioned previously it’s so vital to have a mini support network, I think this is even more important at the OU as you’re essentially alone on the journey otherwise. Tutors are reachable but there is only so much they can discuss and help you with and it’s always nice to have someone to tell you “I haven’t started yet either” …

With a TMA due in the next day or so of this post going up, I can honestly say I am not near submitting… Time to test out the theory! I have been noting down the talking points of my essay and a rough structure I just need to fill it in… (I say like its easy…) Sometimes when I am struggling to get myself motivated to sit down and really get to it, I find this easier as I will always have a skim of the case study before writing and these multiple skim’s allow me to pick out new points and it helps build points to support my aims.

Along with this I had a bittersweet surprise the past week, a friend came back for a few days and we got to have a proper catch up. It’s been difficult to keep in contact over text/facetime because we both get caught up in what we’re doing and trying to achieve so when we get to sit down there’s a lot to talk about (about 4 hours in Giraffe). There is nothing better than being able to sit down with a close friend and just be able to speak what’s on your mind, what plans you have and what is coming up. It was much needed for me as I have had a lot on my plate recently (which I am actually enjoying) but it was nice to get a break away and spend some quality time with a close friend. You may be thinking how this is bittersweet, he had to take some time off for reasons out of his control which sucks for him but hey his loss my gain? (in a very selfish friend way).

Again, I am so so sorry for my rubbish blog updating!

Take Care,



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