It’s not even been a month, what do you mean I haven’t posted in a while…


It’s actually been that long that I had to go back and read what I previously wrote… But the situation hasn’t changed much and I didn’t want to just waffle! I still have one EMA to write, as well as the lessons to do which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore! That being said, I have had 2 of my modules back and the panic of going to look at my result was real. I sat looking at my screen not wanting to know in case I’ve failed… LUCKILY I did very well… 2/3rds of year 1 done!

I have chosen my modules for my second year: B207 and B201. If you’re an OU Student and are planning to take the same let me know! -> www.twitter.com/s_boultwood19 🔌🔌

This academic year has gone so quickly, I guess doing it full time with work has forced me to just get on with it and not dwell (to an extent). The most exciting thing is I am almost 1/3rd through university!! It is quite scary really…

Seeing as it has been around a month since I have last posted I will try and sum up April in this post… if my memory can hack it!

So, the beginning of April one of the projects that I have been working on for the past 4 months came to a close. It felt like it may never end… but now it has, I have had an overwhelming feeling of being content as it is something I thought wouldn’t happen for a long time. Although it was such a relief to finish, I am already craving a new project to fulfil my time and get stuck into…

Mid April, I had my first week off since my holiday last year… unfortunately I worked the whole of Christmas so didn’t get a consecutive break so when this came around it was well needed. I think that is why I have been putting off blogging and other activities as I was burning out and just feeling tired and unmotivated.

Slap bang in the middle of April and the bank holiday weekend it was my birthday 🎉. Since my last birthday so much has changed I now live in London, I am at university and have taken a break from football. I always joked about retiring from football but now I’ve had some time off I am so ready to get back into it, it’s so helpful when I need to just switch off and burn energy (and calories!)

The last week or so of April I have been writing blog posts because I know how bad I have become and really don’t want to get out of the routine as I really enjoy writing these. This lead to me staying up super late and half writing around 5 posts… Of course I didn’t finish any, but just getting ideas down on paper was helpful although I don’t want to post something half done for the sake of it…

So that was a very brief look at April, I hope you all are well and had a good month. Bring on that final push for year 1 and summer!!! Also, if you’re still reading, thank you! I promise I will get better and start to share more content!

Have a great bank holiday weekend!



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