Uni is coming…

How has this happened? Freshman year of university is over and the second is already upon us! I definitely switched off after my last EMA was handed in, which is probably why my last post was in April… (whoops)

Now summer is slowly coming to a close and the nights are drawing in, this means one thing and one thing only, University is around the corner. I have an odd feeling going into my second year of university, one which I can’t quite put my finger on… I am so excited to be manically busy again however nervous that I may not make the grade (as I’ve been told the step from year 1 to 2 is quite significant)

I’ve enrolled myself to full time study (again!) with modules B201 and B207. B207 is a brand new module so will be interesting to be one of the first groups to tackle it. Over the past week Yodel have been a frequent visitor to my house dropping off book after book and making me even more nervous for October to roll around. The time between receiving books and the module websites opening Facebook and Twitter go crazy with people organising their support networks and joining groups. I have joined a group for B207 on WhatsApp which grows in numbers by the day, this happened in my first year and one group slowly became two and then people started to divide into smaller groups depending on their locality, which I fully advise. If you’re about to enrol for the first time don’t be shy to engage with other people on your course, or those who are just studying at the OU as everyone will have wise words for you and will understand what you’re going through.

As I mentioned the module websites are opening as this post goes live and you should have your books and study materials by now, use this time wisely! Familiarise yourself with the module website, some may have introduction threads on the homepage which again I advise you visit and post a short message. Some of the people who post in this will be in your ‘tutor group’ for the upcoming year. Familiarising yourself with the threads and how to post, edit and reply will come in handy as some of your tasks will be to engage with fellow students and debate on topics.

As well as going through the module website, join in on any Facebook groups as they sometimes allow for common questions to be answered as well as being there as a support network. Try and view the rough timelines of when you will need to submit TMA’s/EMA’s and try plan your time accordingly (These times may change when a tutor has been assigned). When planning your time, make sure there is plenty of time to see friends, family and switch off from everything. This is probably one of the most important things to remember, you don’t want to burn out and be exhausted within weeks because all you’ve done is study and work. Having some time out will allow you to come back and visit studying or a paper with fresh eyes allowing you to spot any alterations or challenges you had been facing.

If you’re new to the OU, welcome! Joining the OU is probably one of the best decisions I made, you really won’t regret it!

Good luck for the upcoming academic year!



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