It’s not even been a month, what do you mean I haven’t posted in a while… 🙄Sorry! It’s actually been that long that I had to go back and read what I previously wrote… But the situation hasn’t changed much and I didn’t want to just waffle! I still have one EMA to write, as... Continue Reading →


Catch up

I am still alive, well kind of...

MIA (Missing in Assignments)

Hey guys! How is everyone!? It’s been weeks since my last post (I'm sorry 😅) I have had a manic few weeks with travelling with work and panic writing TMA’s. I did manage to get a post out just after New Years (can be found at samboultwood.wordpress.com) if you haven’t seen it already! Again, I hope... Continue Reading →

OU: BDE (Best Decision Ever)

Hey everyone! It has been a while since my last post, since my last entry I’ve posted a personal blog about my London experiences and new London life as well as, submitting two more assignments! Finding time for me lately has been a struggle as my job has been taking me all over the place... Continue Reading →

OU: Make Your Mark

Week 6! How is everyone feeling? Still coping well? Week 5 gave me quite a few challenges, being a full time student and working full time, I had multiple assignments due at the same time. Begin panic mode… It’s was all ok getting the information on a page, but as I am sure you know... Continue Reading →

OU: TMA (Too Many Assignments?)

Hey all!! So, we thought we had a nice slow start to our OU lives… now all hell is breaking loose! I hope everyone is still working hard and getting on with their readings (I am already finding that highlighting parts is a Major Key 🔑) The past few weeks I have submitted my first... Continue Reading →

OU: And They’re Off!

Hey everyone! Third instalment into the OU Chronical! So we’re officially underway, I hope you’re not feeling to overwhelmed with the pressure of ensuring you complete everything on time. It has been a bit of a mad week for myself, I did my best to make sure I got a tiny head start (as far... Continue Reading →

OU: ‘Feeling Fresh(er)’

Back at this writing thing again! It’s the final week before it all begins; however, the nerves are surpassing the excitement now… I imagine, much like myself, everyone has received their tutors for their respective modules and as before, setting up a support network whether that be through Facebook or WhatsApp groups! It can be... Continue Reading →


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