So Here We are… London life.

If you would have asked me 5 maybe even 2 years ago if I would have wanted to move to London, I would have flat out said no and dismissed it. Funny how quickly things can change huh? Now after living in the city for a few months, what used to be a novelty is... Continue Reading →


OU: Make Your Mark

Week 6! How is everyone feeling? Still coping well? Week 5 gave me quite a few challenges, being a full time student and working full time, I had multiple assignments due at the same time. Begin panic mode… It’s was all ok getting the information on a page, but as I am sure you know... Continue Reading →

OU: TMA (Too Many Assignments?)

Hey all!! So, we thought we had a nice slow start to our OU lives… now all hell is breaking loose! I hope everyone is still working hard and getting on with their readings (I am already finding that highlighting parts is a Major Key 🔑) The past few weeks I have submitted my first... Continue Reading →

OU: And They’re Off!

Hey everyone! Third instalment into the OU Chronical! So we’re officially underway, I hope you’re not feeling to overwhelmed with the pressure of ensuring you complete everything on time. It has been a bit of a mad week for myself, I did my best to make sure I got a tiny head start (as far... Continue Reading →

OU: ‘Feeling Fresh(er)’

Back at this writing thing again! It’s the final week before it all begins; however, the nerves are surpassing the excitement now… I imagine, much like myself, everyone has received their tutors for their respective modules and as before, setting up a support network whether that be through Facebook or WhatsApp groups! It can be... Continue Reading →

Open University – Second Chance Saloon?

At the ripe age of 23, looking at the daunting prospect of turning 24 early next year there was no time like the present to finally try again (yes again) and get my degree. I previously attempted this whole university thing like most others, fresh faced and 18, I embarked on a ‘Soccer Scholarship’ to the desert... Continue Reading →

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